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  • Metal Intalox Saddles
  • Metal Intalox Saddles
  • Metal Intalox Saddles
Metal Intalox SaddlesMetal Intalox SaddlesMetal Intalox Saddles

Metal Intalox Saddles

During plant operation these rings create gas/liquid contact on easily wettable surfaces and promote the formation of droplets as the liquid cascades through the packed bed. This ensures good liquid mixing and consistent and uniform distribution. This open non-testing structure creates high efficiency and a very low pressure drop.



XINTAO Metal Intalox Saddle is made of materials like carbon steel, stainless steel or Aluminum alloy, etc. The product has features such as thin wall, heat resistant, high free volume, high capacity, low resistance, high separation efficiency and so on. It is especially suitable for rectification towers under vacuum to treat thermosensitive, decomposable, polymerizable or cokable systems. So it is widely used in packing towers in petrochemical industry, chemical fertilizer industry and environmental protection, etc.

SizeThicknessBulk densityNumberSurface areaFree volumePacking Factor
(mm )(mm )(kg/m3 )per m3(m2/m3 )(% )m-1


A versatile packing used in distillation, absorption and other operations.

Used in both deep vacuum and high pressure towers.

XINTAO metal saddle is high performance random packing successfully used in mass transfer towers both small and large diameter. It is frequently used in deep vacuum towers where low pressure drop is crucial and also high pressure towers where capacity significantly exceeds conventional trays.


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