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The 2023 Xintao Technology Team Building and Outreach Activity

The 2023 Xintao Technology Team Building and Outreach Activities was successfully held.

In order to create a corporate culture atmosphere of cohesion and unity, and improve the team's ability to cooperate and collaborate, on October 12, 2023, Xintao Technology launched a competition with the theme "It may be faster if you go alone, but it will definitely be further if you go with a group of people." 

Divide into Teams and Overcome Obstacles

      The activities were divided into two expansion projects. The two projects are "The Da Vinci Code" and "Speed Fax", which interpret changing market scenarios in an entertaining way. The purpose is to test the team's information collection ability, teamwork ability and strengthen internal communication and execution. The atmosphere on site was positive and enthusiastic, and the team could all appreciate the strength of the team from the outreach activity and feel the cohesion of the Xintao family.


In the evening, the third part - "Crossing the Grid of Life and Death" was held in the conference room. This project mainly tests the unity of Xintao. There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team. Everyone must work together and have the same goal to focus on achieving the ultimate victory. The more important thing is "don't abandon, don't give up". If you win, you will toast to celebrate, if you lose, you will fight to save each other. Xintao, come on!

During the activity, Xintao people united as one, were not afraid of difficulties and had the courage to fight. This not only exercised their strong will, but also fully demonstrated the excellent quality, ability and outstanding spirit of Xintao people.


This team building activity was successfully carried out and concluded successfully with the efforts of Xintao people! Team building activities are conducive to deepening the unity and communication among the company's employees, improving and strengthening the team's psychological quality, and stimulating the team's higher work enthusiasm and motivation for innovation, making Xintao more cohesive and combat.